Forschungscampus Flexible Electric Networks

  Transformer and ring core Copyright: © IEM

The new decentralized energy sources require a down-top energy flow, allowing small power stations to feed electrical energy into the low and medium voltage power grid. The Flexible Electric Networks, FEN for short, consortium researches on electrical energy transmission based on direct current (DC) grids including all voltage levels from low and medium to high voltage. The Forschungscampus is founded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. High power DC-DC converters such as the bidirectional three phase dual active bridge, DAB3 for short, can be used to connect DC grids with different voltage levels efficiently. Within the FEN project, a medium frequency electrical power transformer, which is used to link the primary and secondary bridge in a DAB3, is designed and different ferromagnetic materials are evaluated for the application. This project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Science, BMBF for short.

Funding Number: FKZ03SF0489

Further information: Flexible Elektrische Netze