Exist Team CirQua

Nine men in a half circle with a table and laptop in the mid Copyright: IEM

In the summer of 2017, Stefan Böhmer, Dr. David Franck and Dr. Thomas Herold started their own business with CirQua GmbH.


The founding team is supported by the Exist Gründerstipendium in the first year, which is awarded as part of a highly competitive process. A promising business idea as well as a prototype of an innovative analysis system and great motivation have enabled this support. Stefan Böhmer, Dr. David Franck and Dr. Thomas Herold are supported by the RWTH Aachen University and in particular from Prof. Hameyer
and the IEM as part of this grant.

The photo shows the CirQua team. Names from left to right are: student assistant Marius Franck, master student Jan Rickwärtz, founder David Franck, project student Florian Brans, project student Dustin Meichsner, electrician of the IEM Jörg Paustenbach, founder Thomas Herold, mentor Prof. Kay Hameyer
and founder Stefan Böhmer.

Core products of CirQua GmbH are innovative analysis systems for electric drives, as well as their combination with highly dynamic controllers for electrical machines. The CirQua systems are developed for testing and R&D application. They feature an unique and innovative user interface. The trend-setting software module CirQua.Analytics enables a comprehensive characterization of electrical machines with a high level of detail and accuracy in the shortest measuring time. The analysis systems are flexible to use for a variety of inspection and analysis tasks. The universal converter extension allows the control of electrical machines with fundamental frequencies up to 2 kHz with a PWM frequency of only 16 kHz. Furthermore, it is possible to generate up to 6-phase PWM with a frequency of 128 kHz. Complete systems consisting of the CirQua.Box analysis system, the CirQua.Analytics extension, a universal machine controller with power output stage in the power range of 1kW-1MW and integration into a test environment are the focus of CirQua GmbH. The product range currently includes three- or six-phase systems with continuous currents of up to 450 Arms and nominal DC link voltages of 48 V, 400 V or up to 900 V. Alternative performance data are customizable.

On the homepage www.cirqua.eu you will get further information.