*** Nicht konforme Projektionsmethoden zur effizienten Berücksichtigung der Bewegung in der FEM bei der Berechnung elektrischer Maschinen ***

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To consider the relative motion of the rotor in eletrical machines within FE simulations can be a tedious process. The distortions in derived physical quantities, e.g. the torque, which may arise under sliding interface conditions strongly depend on the method accounting for the motion. In this work the sliding interfaces are modeled by a non–conforming discretization using a Lagrange-multiplier l to ensure the continuity of Ht. Then, by choosing a bi-orthogonal shape function on the sliding interface, the numerical properties of the system matrix are preserved. The pictures below show the application to a non–conformal mesh between rotor and stator and the isolines of the vector potential respectively. The smoothness of the isolines indicates the potential of the proposed method.