Electromagnetic field computation using virtual reality techniques

  Visualization Copyright: © IEM

The central idea of the Jülich Aachen Research Alliance (JARA) SEED Fund project “Interactive Data Visualization in 3D Electromagnetics“ is to exploit the capabilities of VR tools, such as fast visualization, navigation in virtual spaces, real-time command of viewpoint, etc., in order to offer electrical engineers an additional perspective on simulation results, for design or control purposes. Therefore, the initial project target is to realize a bidirectional real-time interlinkage between the in-house software package iMOOSE.trinity.IVR and VISTA, the platform independent VR-toolkit of the Center for Computing and Communication. By this, each modification or interaction with a visualized simulation is mirrored on both systems running in parallel. Further, parameter-space visualization is investigated to visualize a complex non-linear FE solution system, which is parameterized through a number of control variables, in virtual reality.