Winfit: new Wind Turbines with power splittin

  Winfit Copyright: © IEM

The project Winfit, promoted by EU and NRW, is to develop a new concept wind turbine. The advantage of this new concept wind turbine is to minimize the power electronic devices by using an adjustable planetary gear box. In order to increase the efficiency and to avoid the ring gear of the wind turbine, a planetary gearbox with two sun gears is designed. The realizable minimum split power of the servo machine and power converter can be less than 10 % of the rated power of the turbine. To adjust the torque-speed characteristics of the servo machine and to realize a wide operating range of the wind turbine, a switchable two-mode gearbox is utilized. Next year, a 200 kW test bench will be constructed at IEM. This work is promoted by the Ziel 2 programme NRW 2007-2013 “Regionale Wettbewerbsfähigkeit und Beschäftigung”.