The institute’s own finite element (FE) library iMOOSE and rapid solver prototyping enviroment pyMOOSE

  iMoose Copyright: © IEM

The FE library iMOOSE, developed at the institute, is a comprehensive tool for the design process, the analysis and optimization of electromagnetic transducers. With this library static or transient two- and three-dimensional electromagnetic problems can be simulated considering relative motion between subspaces like stator and rotor in eletrical machines. Furthermore, a harmonic problem solver with nonlinear material properties, as well as an axisymmetric problem solver are included. In addition, thermal problems can be solved. By defined interfaces iMOOSE is coupled to the interpreter language Python and becomes so the environment pyMOOSE for Rapid Solver Prototyping. An advantage of pyMOOSE is the capability for the user to specialize the iMOOSE classes on his problem individually.