Electrical machine’s stator life-time estimation for automotive applications

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Statistically seen the winding’s insulation system is the electrical component that is mostly responsible for electrical machines malfunctions. One important life-time decisive factor is the type and level of stress on the insulation of the stator’s winding. The project E-LASTSYS is a collaboration between several institutes of RWTH Aachen University and industrial partners. Within the scope of this project the life-time of the insulation system is studied while the focus is on the additional effect of temperature shocks. This is performed by subjecting test specimens that represent the stator insulation system to severe temperature shocks. The results are of major importance in automotive applications, where the electrical machine is subjected to full load in winter weather conditions. By means of life-time investigation in electrical machines it is possible to overcast the expected life-time of a machine depending on its application.

ref. no. 01MY12006A