Integrative NVH Simulation Model for Electric Vehicles

  force excitation, structural dynamic, radiation and auralization Copyright: IEM

The acoustic behavior of electrical vehicles differs considerably to vehicles with combustion engines. The noise of an electric vehicle is much more tonal and consists of higher frequencies. This has to be taken into consideration to meet the requirement of the customers. In order to evaluate the force, which excites the noise of the electrical machine, the entire drive train has to be considered. Therefore, the subjective perceived noise at the drivers position can be interpreted correctly. In a cooperative project of the Research Association for Power Transmission Engineering FVA, the Institute of Electrical Machines (IEM), the Institute for Machine Elements and Machine Design (IME) and the Institute of Technical Acoustics (ITA) have worked together to achieve an integrated model chain. The acoustic behavior of the vehicle is described starting with the operating point dependent force excitation in the electrical machine, until the binaural noise at the drivers position.