NVH Simulation of Drive Power trains

  Force vectors and Smart Copyright: © IEM

In the project FVA682-II the simulation chain of the previous project FVA682-I for calculation of the noise-vibration-harshness-behaviour, NVH for short, of electrical drive trains gets broadly extended, to evaluate the influence of single modules and effects. For the electrical machine this is at first a voltage driven current computation to reproduce retroactive effects, secondly the handover of tangential and axial tooth forces and torques to the structure dynamic model, as well as thirdly taking eccentricity, bending and torsion of the rotor into account. The project is done in cooperation with the Institutes for Process Metallurgically and Metal Recycling, IME for short, and the institute of Textil Technology , ITA for short, of the RWTH, which respectively extend the structure dynamic and the acoustic model parts.