DUETT Copyright: IEM

As a result of increasingly stringent emission regulations, more and more vehicles with alternative drive concepts are pushing into the market. Vehicles with hybrid drives and gasoline engines are now widely used. A hybridized diesel vehicle offers the possibility to further reduce CO2 emissions. The connection between the electric motor and the internal combustion engine also reduces the NOx emissions because the diesel engine does not have to be operated in unfavorable operating points. Since the drive train in hybrid vehicles is more complex, a new kind of test rig infrastructure is used for the design of the entire system: the interaction of individual components is investigated using the "virtual shaft"of the Center for Mobile Propulsion, CMP for short. Using digitally linked test benches creating a hardware compatibility of the components before the realization of a prototype is not necessary. As not all hardware parts are available in early project stages, real-time models of the all components are required.
The contribution of the Institute of Electrical Machines consists in crating such a model for the traction machine.