Test bench measurement of induction generator for wind energy systems

Wind turbine on test bench Copyright: © IEM

In the public funded research project FVA-Gondel, the Insitute of Electrical Machines analyzes a 2.75MW induction machine for wind energy systems, WES for short. Detailed models are developed for the evaluation of damages in the system caused by vibration in the drive train. Simultaneously an entire system model of the WES is designed in collaboration of the project team at the Center for Wind Power Drives, CWD for short. The current focus in the project is on the validation of these models with mea- surements on the system test bench of CWD. Beside the evaluation of the model parameter, the drive train vibration is analyzed and transient operation scena- rios, for example emergency shut down are measured and reproduced with the developed models.

BMWi Fundingno. 0325799