Extension of the Insulation Lab by an Extraction System


Since January 2021, an extraction system has been available in the laboratory for insulation materials. This enables the safe performance of electrical aging tests. The system consists of two cabinets in which kilns and generators for simulating high stresses on the insulating system of electrical machines are stored. A slight vacuum prevents any gases, produced in the process, from escaping into the laboratory.

  Extraction System of the Insulation Lab Copyright: IEM

Particularly during the electrical aging of insulation systems, ozone, which is hazardous to health in higher concentrations, is generated. In order to be able to carry out accelerated aging of insulation systems on a large scale, an extraction system was installed in the insulation laboratory. This now allows thermal aging in two separate kilns as well as electrical aging in up to twelve bipolar HV pulse generators. In addition, the system also allows combined electrical and thermal aging. The generators used are an in-house development of the IEM. Applying the generators, square wave voltages with different voltage slew rates (du/dt), peak values and switching frequencies can be displayed. Clicke here for further information.