K(l)einwalsertal 2021 - Virtual Closed-Door Meeting of the IEM


After a busy week, the IEM's closed-door meeting ended today. Due to the current pandemic situation, it could not take place in Kleinwalsertal as usual and was therefore held virtually. Despite the circumstances, all those involved are very satisfied with the results achieved for documentation and teaching, as well as with the simulation methods implemented at the institute.

  Teams-Conference Copyright: IEM Virtual closed-door meeting at the IEM.

T he Covid-19 pandemic has been casting its shadow over daily work at the institute for quite some time. The annual closed-door meeting, which, instead of being held in the Söllerhaus, had to be carried out completely virtually for the first time. So, this year it was (unfortunately): "Kein Walsertal!" (“No Walsertal!”) Nonetheless, the content design was based on the tested workshop concept: Small groups (2-3 employees), worked interactively via MS teams on topics from the think tank of the assistants. In addition to the documentation of central content, such as the institute’s wiki or the FE solver library, including revisions of lecture and exercise materials and document templates. The third topic was the improvement of the simulation tools along the institute's own calculation chain for electromagnetic energy converters. A highlight of the week was the (virtual) visit of the “Aachener Stube” in the form of a joint online beer tasting: Thank you, Benedikt G.! Even if everyone agrees that the presence format in Kleinwalsertal is unbeatable, the IEM looks back on the week positively and has gained valuable experience on efficient cooperation in the virtual world.