Project Completion EFRE eSAT


The EFRE-eSAT research project aims to develop an aircraft that is characterized by its particularly low noise emissions and by the use of a hybrid electric drive train. The electric machine used in this project was developed, built and measured at the IEM.

  View of the electrical machine Copyright: © IEM Assembled electrical machine

The aircraft will be used as an on-demand service for up to four passengers. In doing so, it will make use of the large number of airfields to ensure short overall travel times. In order for the associated increased flight volume to be accepted by the population, a significant reduction in aircraft noise must be achieved through design measures. In addition to encapsulating the engines, the use of electric motors during the takeoff phase is of crucial importance in this respect.

The design and calculation of the electrical machine was carried out at the IEM. The electromagnetic solver iMOOSE/pyMOOSE developed at the institute was used, which is embedded in a comprehensive calculation tool chain. The design of the machine was carried out by the project partner Engiro. The segmented stator iron core and the rotor iron core were subsequently manufactured at the IEM. At the end of the project, the machine was successfully assembled, tested and measured.

(OP EFRE funding number: EFRE-0801691 ; AZ LeitmarktAgentur ML-2-2-018J ESAT)

  View of stator teeth and yoke Copyright: © IEM Segmented stator   Logo of the funding body