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The electrical machineis the fundamental element of the electrical power supply and the drive engineering. Main tasks are certain, economical and the environmentally-friendly generation of an electrical energy. Furthermore its low-loss mechanical deformation for the transmission and partition and its application in electromotive drive mechanism and attachment. The electrical machine in the power engineering works in a system of a central and local transformation of energy. This day you can detect electrical machines as generators in an electrical generation station and isolated operation, as transformers and motor-generator in electrical equipment. Furthermore as driving motor in industry, craft, farming, office and data processing technology, home and consumer products, in machine tools and robots, in electrical trains, automobiles, ships, in aerospace as well as isolated operations. Special equipments were used by for example magnetic levitation and inductive heating process. Thereby engine power got transformed in the range of milliwatt to gigawatt.

You will get to know the theory and application of electrical machines in our lectures, practical trainings, student projects or seminars.