The electrical machine is the main element of the electrical energy supply and drive technology. Its main tasks are the safe, economical and environmentally friendly generation of electrical energy, its low-loss conversion for transmission and distribution and its application in electric motor drives and devices. The electric machine in power engineering works in a system of central and decentralized energy conversion. Electrical machines are used, for example, as generators in power plants and in isolated operation, as transformers and converters in electrical systems or as drive motors in industry, commerce, agriculture, office and data processing technology, in households and consumer goods, in machine tools and robots, in electric trains, motor vehicles, ships, and in aerospace. Special designs are used, for example, in magnetic levitation technology and in inductive heating processes. In these applications, powers in the range from milliwatts to gigawatts are realized.

Students get to know the theory and application of electrical machines in lectures, practical trainings, student projects or seminars.