Seminar on the trends in the field of electrical machines



Deadline for submission: End of second semester week.


In this seminar, innovations in the development of electrical drive systems will be investigated.The range of applications of electric drives is becoming wider, depending on the application and different requirements are imposed on the drive.
The IEM deals with the calculation, simulation, further development and application of electrical machines and electromagnetic converters.This seminar offers students the opportunity to deal with this scientific topic. By the way, they will learn to work on complex questions and to make a presentation.The seminar concludes with a presentation and discussion.


An application is required to participate in the seminar.
The following information is required for registration, via e-mail or personal:

  • Name
  • Matriculation number
  • Course of studies: spezialization and graduation
  • E-mail address


The seminar is divided into two dates. On the first day, various topics will be presented. After the presentation, the students can specify a selection of their favorite topics. After completing the first course, the topics are distributed to the students.
On the second date, each participant must give a lecture on his chosen topic.The presentation should be available in PDF or PPT format. Projector and laptop are provided for the lecture.

The length of the lecture depends on the prescribed minimum duration in each course of study.
In addition to the lecture, a written elaboration must be presented on the second day. The scope of the written elaboration also depends on the prescribed effort of the respective course of study.

Please note that the event is only held in German.

Mandatory attendance

There is a presence obligation for all participants on all dates!