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The Institute of Electrical Machines has numerous test benchs and measuring equipment for the investigation of complete drive trains up to individual elements of the electrical machine. The following list shows the test benchs and equipment of the institute. Further and detailed information can be found in the downloadable PDF documents of the respective test bench. If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of our chief engineers.

Test benches of the Institute of Electrical Machines
Test Benches - Rotating Machines Properties Further Information
Test Bench for Vehicle Axles

Nominal Power: 190 kW

Nominal Torque: 2268 Nm

Max. Speed: 3300 U/min

Test Bench for High-Speed Drives at the RWTH Aachen University Electromobility Laboratory (eLab)​

Nominal Power: 140 kW

Nominal Torque: 220 Nm

Max. Speed: 18000 U/min


Virtual View

Test Bench for Traction Drives

Nominal Power: 94 kW

Nominal Torque: 449 Nm

Max. Speed: 7500 U/min

Test Bench for Variable Speed Range

Nominal Power: 63 kW

Nominal Torque: 480 Nm

Max. Speed: 5000 U/min

Test Bench for Highly Dynamic Torque Control

Nominal Power: 35 kW

Nominal Torque: 110 Nm

Max. Speed: 3600 U/min

Servo Drive Test Bench for Machine Controls

Nominal Power: 11 kW

Nominal Torque: 35 Nm

Max. Speed: 8000 U/min

50 000 rpm Small Machine Test Benches

Nominal Power: 11 kW

Nominal Torque: 2 Nm

Nominal Speed: 54600 U/min

Test Benches - Transformers Further Information
Large Power Phase Shifting Transformers

Test Benches - Magnetic Measurement Further Information

Magnetic Measurement and Testing Equipment for the Characterization of Soft Magnetic Materials

Magnetically Levitated Conveyor Vehicle

Test Bench for Small Scale Magnetically Levitated Train Download
Test Benches - Wind Power Further Information
4 MW System Test Bench at the Center for Wind Power Drives, CWD for short Download
Test Bench for Simulation of Wind Power Drive Systems


Test Benches - Lifetime Analysis and Insulating Materials

Further Information
Materials Laboratory for Lifetime Analysis of Insulation Systems in Electrical Machines Download
Motorettes and Impregnation Methods Download
Voltage Step Generator for Electrical Ageing of Winding Insulation of Electrical Machines


Test Benches - Machine Analysis

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Test Bench for Modal Analysis and Noise Vibrations and Harshness, NVH for short Download
Test Bench for High-Speed Rotor Deformation Measurements Download
Test Bench for Cogging Torque Measurement in Permanent Magnet - Machines Download

Simulator for Manufacturing Deviations

Test Benches - Technology Further Information

Mobile Measurement and Control Cabinet


Battery Simulator as Power Supply