Chief Engineers



The Institute of Electrical Machines is a leading university department in the area of electrical machines and electromagnetic energy conversion. We work in a highly-motivated team of scientific and technical staff. With methods from the fields of engineering, we develop application-oriented concepts and solutions. Benefit from newest research outcomes and the large know-how of our engineers and workshop.

We are a business partner who has a great know-how for many years in the areas:

  • Design and optimization of electrical machines, drives, actuators and transformers
  • Design and testing of insulating systems
  • Characterization of soft magnetic materials in the own material laboratory
  • Modeling of soft and hard magnetic materials
  • Application of new materials in the construction of electric machines
  • Numeric field computation
  • Simulation technology
  • Reduction of noise and acoustic optimization of electric drives, generators and transformers
  • Characterization and operational-test measurement of electrical drive systems at the institute’s in-house test center with over 30 test benches
  • Electromagnetic sensor systems
  • Determination of manufacturing influences and design for manufacturing
  • Construction and prototype manufacturing of electrical drives
  • Support for development and start-up of volume production
  • Innovative ideas for the realization of your topics

For the application areas:

  • Automobile: main and hybrid drives, generators, auxiliary drives and actuators
  • Wind power
  • Industry
  • Household
  • Linear actuators and magnetic levitation systems
  • Inductive heating methods

We are proud to offer you consulting and training courses as well as test engineering services. Feel free to commission us with topical research. Please contact the chief engineers.