New Junior Professor Researching Soft Magnetic Materials at the IEM


As of September 1st, 2022 Dr. Nora Leuning is junior professor for “soft magnetic materials for the application in electrical machines” at the Institute of Electrical Machines. Congratulations to Dr. Leuning on her appointment!

  Dr.-Ing. Nora Leuning

Understanding the behavior of magnetic materials is essential for the ongoing development of modern electric drives. All major properties of electrical machines are directly or indirectly influenced by phenomena occurring in the magnetic core. The IEM has recognized this importance many years ago and has therefore gained a lot of knowledge in this area of research. Further, the IEM has built up a unique, well-equipped laboratory for the characterization of magnetic materials. The new junior professorship was established due to the importance of magnetic materials for the institute. In this way, a successful continuance and development of research and education on this topic is ensured for the future.

Dr. Leuning is quite familiar with the institute’s research: She wrote her master thesis about soft magnetic materials and received her Ph. D. in 2020 at the IEM. Her work as research associate and group leader contributed significantly to the institute’s successful research. Therefore, we are very pleased that Dr. Leuning’s application for this position was successful and that she now can continue her research at our institute as junior professor.