Hysteresis Meter and Impulse Magnetizer for Characterizing Permanent Magnets


Within a 50% funding of Otto-Junker-Stiftung, a hysteresis meter and an impulse magnetizer from Metis Instruments & Equipment for measuring hard magnetic materials was put into operation in November 2021 at the IEM’s Laboratory for Magnetic Materials. Hereby, it is possible to magnetize permanent magnet arrangements at the IEM and to study the magnetization and demagnetization behavior of permanent magnet materials.

  Impulse Magnetizer Copyright: © IEM

The hysteresis meter enables to measure the magnetization and demagnetization of hard ferrites and especially of high-energy rare-earth permanent magnets (NdFeB, SmCo) in the range of a coercivity up to 3500 kA/m. For analyzing temperature effects, samples can be heated up to 220°C. The magnetizer provides magnetic fields up to 7 T for realizing different magnetization states in the permanent magnets.

In general, all measurements can be performed independently from the sample’s shape.

For further research at the IEM, application-related material effects in permanent magnets for the use in electrical machines will be analyzed and modeled.