Wire Eroding Machine


In May 2020 a new wire eroding machine, which is used for the production of prototypes of electrical machines, was put into operation.

  Wire Eroding Machine Copyright: © IEM

The EDM machine (Type Mitsubishi Electric MV1200) was procured as part of the Federal-Ministry-of-Education-and-Research-(BMBF)-funded project "FlexiCoil - Development of an Economical Series Production Process for Preformed Coils in Electrical Drives" (funding code: 02P16A012). In the project, a manufacturing technology for forming coils of single tooth windings was developed. Besides the IEM, the Institute for Forming Technology of the RWTH (IBF) and the companies Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG and Breuckmann GmbH & Co. KG participated in the project. Employing the EDM machine, so-called motorettes can be created. These are used to quantify the lifetime of the insulation system of the developed coil.

Using the EDM machine, stator and rotor geometries can be formed with high precision from already baked laminated core. In addition, the machine is suitable for the production of samples for characterizing soft magnetic material. Since the erosion process only causes little damage to the material in the area of the cut edge, erosion can be used to create reference samples that can be used to measure the influence of different manufacturing processes on the magnetic properties of the material.

Data sheet:


Mitsubishi Electric MV1200

Travel XYZ

400 x 300 x 220 mm

Travel UV

120 x 120 mm

Max. Workpiece Dimensions

810 x 700 x 215 mm

Max. Workpiece Weight

500 kg

Wire Spool Capacity

10 kg