Prototyping at the IEM


Different production technologies are available at the IEM for prototyping electrical machines or setting up test benches. Several drilling machines, a wire erosion machine, a CNC-milling machine, and a 3D printer are provided at the institute. The advantages of the different production technologies can be combined to achieve optimal results.

  Connection box Copyright: © IEM Connection box with different components.

The advantages of different production technologies were combined within the prototyping process of an induction machine for a heavy-duty distribution transport application. Drilling, CNC-milling, and 3D printing are combined during the manufacturing of the terminal box. The insulators are 3D-printed. A high-temperature resin is used due to the high thermal requirements. Multiple clamping is avoided. The limitations arising from available milling tools do not need to be considered. The copper connection bolts are drilled in a first step. The polyhedron, that is inserted into the insulation, is CNC-milled. For the connection box, an electrical conductive material needs to be selected. The box is CNC-milled utilizing aluminum. The entire process including mechanical design, production and assembly is performed internally at the IEM.