Master Thesis at the IEM is Funded by the Hans Hermann Voss-Foundation


On November 1st, 2020, a master's thesis on the topic "Development and Construction of a Highspeed Actuator System and Track for a Maglev Train Model on a Scale of 1:20" was started at the IEM.

  CAD picture Copyright: © IEM

The realization of this master thesis is funded by the Hans Hermann Voss-Foundation. The goal is to further develop the existing magnetic train model at the IEM on a scale of 1:20 over the next six months. For this purpose, the test track is to be extended by a combination of a linear induction machine in short stator design and a linear synchronous machine in long stator design, considering the constructional conditions of the laboratory. Magnetic levitation of the train model will be realized with so-called hybrid actuators, which consist of a combination of electro- and permanent magnets.