Work Groups


The main research activities of the Institute of Electrical Machines, IEM for short, are design, calculation, measurement technologies, drive control and operation of electrical machines. The IEM with its mechanical workshop is able to build functioning prototypes for measurement purpose running on more than 35 test benches in the IEM. Measurement technologies for several research issues, as well as measurement electronics, are developed in-house. All relevant machine types are considered in the institute‘s research. To cover the relevant research topics, four research groups are organized at the IEM.


Analysis and Modelling

several stator lamination Copyright: IEM

The workgroup deals with soft and hard magnetic materials, insulation systems and the electrical machine’s structural dynamic and acoustic behavior. The prediction and reduction of parasitic effects in electrical drives, electromagnetic forces, acoustic emission, manufacturing tolerances, fault diagnosis, life time prediction, partial discharge or material properties are considered in ongoing researches. Specific solutions are worked out depending on the problem and approaches are developed problem-oriented.

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Simulation and Methodologies

Shadow of a head in front of presentation slides Copyright: IEM

The workgroup deals with numerical simulation as well as with soft and hard magnetic materials that are used in electrical machines and transformers. Within the numerical simulation, all subject areas are considered that are required in connection with the design, layout and optimization of electromagnetic energy conversion.

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Design and Diagnosis

Electric car in an anechoic measuring room Copyright: IEM

The workgroup handles the issues regarding design, analysis and optimization of electrical drives for mobile application; these include the development of the correponding methods and control strategies of the drives.

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Mechatronics and Systems

Aluminum chase of a eletrical machine Copyright: IEM

The workgroup deals with the regulation of mechatronic systems and components for future power generation and distribution. Besides the efficiencymaximized control of asynchronous machines for controlled drives, like wind turbines, traction drives and special applications, the measurement and numerical characterization and evaluation of regulated electrical drive systems is the emphasis of the group.

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