Year Award
2022 K. Hameyer, “Michael von Dolivo‐Dobrowolsky Medal”, April 27, 2022, Stowarzyszenie Elektryków Polskich SEP (Association of Polish Electrical Engineers), Poland
2022 Prof. Kay Hameyer, honorary doctorate “Dr. honoris causa” by Poznan University of
Technology, Poland
2020 Dr. Nora Leuning, “STAWAG Preis” for best doctoral thesis of the faculty
2019 2019 Best paper award 19th International Symposium on Electromagnetic Fields in Mechatronics, Electrical and Electronical Engineering ISEF 2019, Xiao, X., Müller, F., Bavendiek, G., Hameyer, K., ``Vector hysteresis model in comparison to the anhysteretic magnetization model'' presented at ISEF 2019 in Nancy, France.
2018 Kay Hameyer, ICEM Arthur Ellison Achievement Award, outstanding sustained technical contributions in the field of electrical machines, presented at ICEM 2018 in Alexandroupoli, Greece.
2018 Emerald COMPEL award to a young researcher for the best paper presented at EPNC 2018, Benedikt Groschup, Silas Elfgen, Kay Hameyer, “Modelling of non-linear magnetization dependent demagnetization characteristic of rare-earth permanent magnets”, EPNC 2018, Arras, France.
2017 Best paper award to a young researcher presented at the 18th International Symposium on Electromagnetic Fields in Mechatronic, Electrical and Electronic Engineering (ISEF 2017), Martin Nell, Georg von Pfingsten, Kay Hameyer, “Approach for the rapid characterization and control of an induction machine”, ISEF 2017, Lodz, Poland.

Emerald COMPEL award to a young researcher for the best paper presented at EPNC 2016, Jan Karthaus, Simon Steentjes, Daniel Gröbel, Kolja Andreas, Marion Merklein, Kay Hameyer, “INFLUENCE OF THE MECHANICAL FATIGUE PROGRESS ON THE MAGNETIC PROPERTIES OF ELECTRICAL STEEL SHEETS”, EPNC 2016, Helsinki, Finland.

2015 Best paper award, N.R. Averous, M. Stieneker, S. Koch, C. Andrei, A. Helmedag, R.W. De Doncker, K. Hameyer, G. Jacobs, A. Monti, “Development of a 4 MW Full-Size Wind-Turbine Test Bench”, 6th International Symposium of Power Electronics for Distributed Generations (PEDG 2015) Aachen.

Emerald COMPEL award to a young researcher for the best paper presented at EPNC 2014, Petrun, M., Steentjes, S., Hameyer, K., Dolinar, D. "Effects of saturation and haysteresis on magnetization dynamics: Influence of different material models", EPNC 2014, Pilsen, Czech Republic.

2014 Best poster award, Steentjes, S., Hameyer, K., "A pragmatic two-scale homogenization technique for ferromagnetic cores at high frequencies", CEM 2014, London, UK.

Best paper award, Offermann, P., Hameyer, K., "Analysis of finite element mesh discretisation for faster and more accurate probabilistic simulations: applied to cogging torque calculations in electrical machines", 16th International Symposium on Electromagnetic Fields in Mechatronics, ISEF 2013, Ohrid, Macedonia, September 12-14.


Invited paper award, Glehn, Appunn, Hameyer, "Parametric design of a linear induction machine for a small scale magnetically levitated train", LDIA 2013, Hangzou, China.

2013 Best paper award, Appunn, Putri, Hameyer, "Design of a contactless power supply for magnetically levitated elevator systems integrated into the guide rail", LDIA 2013, Hangzhou, China.

Emerald COMPEL award to a young researcher for the best paper presented at EPNC 2012, Offermann, Hameyer, "Non-linear stochastic variations in a magnet evaluated with Monte-Carlo simulation and a polynomial chaos meta-model", EPNC 2012, Pula, Croatia.


Best paper award, Finocchiaro, Pohlmann, Cuenca-Navalon, Leßmann, Steinseifer, Hameyer, "Validation of the electromagnetic design of a Total Artificial Heart under physical load conditions", EHE 2011, Coimbra, Portugal.

2010 Emerald COMPEL award to a young researcher for the best paper presented at IGTE'10, Henrotte, van der Giet, Hameyer, “Electromagnetic force computation with the Eggshell method”, IGTE 2010, Graz, Austria.

RWTH Lehrpreis, “MatLab meets Lego Mindstroms”, im Kernteam der Fakultät für Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik.

2008 Best poster award, van der Giet, Rothe, Garcia, Hameyer, “Analysis of noise exciting magnetic force waves by means of numerical simulation and a space vector definition”, 18th International Conference on Electrical Machines, ICEM 2008.
2004 Highly commended award (COMPEL Scientific Journal), Hameyer, De Gersem, “Floating potential constraints and field circuit couplings for electro static and electro kinetic finite element models”.
2002 Best paper award, De Gersem, Hameyer, “Combined static time-harmonic finite element method to simulate eddy currents in the permanent magnets of a synchronous machine”, 17th Symposium on Electromagnetic Phenomena in Nonlinear Circuits, EPNC 2002, Leuven, Belgium.

Best paper award, De Gersem, Hameyer, “Finite element simulation of eddy currents in slotted geometries”, 10th International Symposium on Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics, ISEM 2002, Tokyo, Japan.

2000 Best paper award, De Gersem, Hameyer, “Convergence improvement of the conjugated gradient method for finite element simulations” , 5th International Symposium on Electric and Magnetic Fields, EMF 2000, Ghent, Belgium.