Work Group „Simulation and Methodologies“


Here you will find an overview of the projects of the working group „Simulation and Methodologies“.

Auralization of Electrical Machines - the IEM makes Virtual Prototypes "Hearable"
Calculation of stray flux in phase-shifting transformers
The general purpose FEM-Framework iMoose
DFG for 1897 - TP5
The institute's own infinite element (FE) library iMoose and rapid solver prototyping environment pyMoose
Influence of Mechanical Stress one the Magnetic Properties of Electrical Steel Sheets
Development of material models for the numerical computation accounting for magentic anisotropy
Uncertainty propagation of production-faults in electrical machines
Accurate 3D calculation of motion-induced eddy currents
High accurancy force computation in electrical machines
Measurement Bench for Rotational Magnetisation - RRSST
Measuring Quality in the Characterization of Soft Magnetic Materials
***Nicht konforme Projektionsmethoden zur effizienten Berücksichtigung der Bewegung in der FEM bei der Berechnung elektrischer Maschinen***
Numerical modal analysis
ProMotor - A software tool for virtual prototyping of electrical motors
Simulation of Electrical Machines Considering Cut Edge Effects
Statistical tolerance analysis for estimation of rotor eccentricities
System simulation of a PMSM servo drive using field-circuit coupling
Propagation of uncertainties across electromagnetic models
Investigation of the Effect of Different Cutting Techniques on the Electro-magnetic Properties of FeSi Electrical Steel
Improved Numerical Modeling and Characterization of Ferromagnetic Materials and their Losses
Project Strenthening of textile composites with polypropylene nanofiber coatings for surface filters
Electromagnetic field computation using virtual reality techniques