Work Group "Analysis and Design"


Here you will find an overview of the research projects by the wourking group „Analysis and Design“ of the Institute of Electrical Machines.

Application of the skull melting method to generate particulate material
Design and assessment of squirrel-cage induction motors
"AutASS" - Autonomous drive engineering by sensor fusion for the intelligent simulation based diagnose & control of production facilities
Review of signal-based methods for the detection of bearing damages
Efficient acoustic optimization of permanent magnet excited synchronous motors by means of hybrid modelling and FEM-to-measurement transfer functions
Influence of mechanical stresses on the magnetic properties of electrical steel sheet
Electrical damping system
Electro lamination measurement
Design and Implementation of a control law for maximizing the efficiency of a salient-pole PMSM
Experimental Modal Analysis
Comparison of Different Electric Machines
Stator end-winding forces in electrical Machines
Life expectancy and reliability of electrical devices
Electrical machine's stator life-time estimation for automotive applications
Numerical calculation of eddy current losses in salient rotor pole shoes of synchronous generators
Transient Simulation Model for Acoustic Evaluations of Electrical Drive Trains
Analysis of the magnetic load of power transformer cores
Analysis of the NVH-Behavior of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines with Consideration of Manufacturing Tolerances
Study of manufacturing tolerances at permanent magnet synchronous machines (PMSM)
Bearing Test Bench