Kinelectric Drive


Highspeed Drivetrain with Integrated Kinectic Energy Storage System

Aluminum chase of a eletrical machine Copyright: © IEM

For a broad market introduction of electric and hybridelectric vehicles the in- vestmentcosts of the tractionbattery are still an obstacle. Furthermore, the po- tential boost and electric recuperation can’t be fully utilised without a lifeti- me reduction of the electrochemical storagesystem. In this project, which is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, a powertrain consisting of an electric infinite variable transmission and a 48-Volt highspeed induction motor with a highly integrated flywheel is developed and build up. This drivetrain allows a cost-effective electrification of A/B/C-segment vehicles. Currently, the prototypes are under construction to enable extensive metrological characteri- zation of the powertrain.

Fundingnr: 01MY14006B