Systematic validation of system test benches based on the type test of wind turbines

Diagram test bench wind turbine Copyright: © IEM

The objective of the joint venture CertBench is the system validation of the system test bench at the Center for Wind Power Drives (CWD) based on the type test of wind energy plants. The research project studies current guidelines for the certification of wind turbines in grid operation by emulating the required system tests by means of the FVA gondola test setup.

The validation process is structured in two stages: First, it is studied how sensitive the electrical properties are with regard to the modeling depth of missing components of the test bench, e.g. B. the wind rotor. The results are checked for plausibility using coupled test bench-wind turbine simulations as well as accompanying test bench tests with the research wind turbine available at the CWD in Aachen.

In the second step, the validity of the results obtained on the system test bench is analyzed by comparing them with electrical properties measured in the field. For this purpose, the complete measurement program in accordance with the applicable technical guidelines is run through with a commercial wind turbine on the system test benches at the CWD in Aachen and at the Fraunhofer IWES in Bremerhaven.