Wheel-hub motor for electric cars of the future

  Comparison of characteristic diagrams Copyright: © IEM

The aim of the project is to analyze a Wheel-hub motor, which should be integrated in a limited space of a carbon fiber based rim. For this purpose, a corresponding prototype should be designed, assembled and experimentally investigated. Based on the predefined installation space, various topologies were analyzed with regard to power density and torque density, and external rotor permanent-magnet synchronous machine has been identified as a suitable topology. This machine is further refined by means of Finite Element Analysis. The performance is assessed based on the efficiency map of the motor and the optimal design pursued. Conclusively, measurements are carried out on a test bed to verify the potential of this concept. Based on the results from the measurement evaluation, an improved machine design will be deduced with respect to the optimal utilization of the carbon fiber material and a possibility of integrated drive investigated.