Supporting the Development of an Innovative Rotor for an Electric Traction Drive

  Explosion view rotor Copyright: © VDI Exploded view of the examined traction drive (source: VDI-Berichte Nr. 2354, 2019)

An external partner plans to develop and build a rotor for a new electric traction drive until the end of 2020. This rotor will exhibit several innovations, which were developed in the past years. Possible benefits of these innovations, like an increased efficiency of the traction drive and therefore an increased range of the vehicle, will be determined and evaluated through measurements by comparison to the series-production.

The series traction drive is connected to the load machines with two cardan shafts. The electrical input power as well as the mechanical output power is measured, so that the efficiency map can be determined through accounting. The series traction drive will be dissembled afterwards, the innovative rotor will be integrated within it and the map is measured again.

Moreover, the influence of the innovations on the NVH behavior is evaluated by acceleration sensors. An optimized rotor geometry on the basis of the simulative sensitivity analysis will be proposed as an outlook for further projects.