Vector-Hysteresis Modelling of ferromagnetic Materials


DFG Funding Number 373150943

Illustration of voltage in electrical sheet Copyright: © IEM

Nowadays, issues such as e.g. Loss of performance of electromagnetic energy converters due to occurring iron losses in rotating electrical machines based on conventional material models not at all or only with great simplifications in restricted Operating areas are solved. Therefore, in this project the vector hysteresis models should integrate into finite element (FE) simulations to allow for a FE-based spatially resolved magnetic field and iron loss calculation without limitations of the operating conditions. Currently, the vector hysteresis models with thermodynamic consistency are developed in primary and dual formulations, which realizes an efficient work using the magnetic vector potential solver and the magnetic scalar potential solver. The measured data are used to validate the material models and for parameter identification. In the near future, electrical machines will be simulated by iMOOSE/pyMOOSE taking into account the vector hysteresis effect.