Mechatronics and Systems

  Aluminum chase of a eletrical machine Copyright: IEM

The workgroup deals with the regulation of mechatronic systems and components for future power generation and distribution. Besides the efficiencymaximized control of asynchronous machines for controlled drives, like wind turbines, traction drives and special applications, the measurement and numerical characterization and evaluation of regulated electrical drive systems is the emphasis of the group.

Within the framework “Forschungscampus Flexible Electrical Networks”, FEN for short, the group works on components for the future electric energy distribution grid. For transformers operated in dual active bridges, DABs for short, different ferromagnetic materials, like nanocrystalline, amporph and FeSi, in combination and increased operating frequency are research topics.

The group is working and researching in the “Center for Wind Power Drives”, CWD for short, on the subject of wind power. The group creates a transient model of the asynchronous generator based on harmonic formulations for improved modeling of the interdependency of the individual components, for example drivetrain vibrations, of a wind turbine.

The working group supervises two laboratory test stands for practical training of Bachelor and Master students. The students apply their theoretical knowledge on a test rig model of a wind turbine and a magnetic levitation train in a 1:50 scale. The aim is to use these laboratory constructions to raise interest in mechatronic and control systems by means of practical tests and project work.