Design and Diagnosis

  Smart in an accustic room Copyright: IEM

The workgroup handles the issues regarding design, analysis and optimization of electrical drives for mobile application; these include the development of the correponding methods and control strategies of the drives.

The requirements of an electrical drive vary depending on the vehicle segment, the utilization profile or the driving cycle, and the driveline topology. The load profiles of the powertrain are derived individually under consideration of these criteria and the operating strategies by making use of detailed simulation models of an entire vehicle.

Further research themes of the workgroup are the analysis and design of auxiliary drives and actuators, e.g. starter generators, electrical steering supports, pump drives, generators for range-extender, or electric coilovers, also active suspension.

Using the in-house developed design methods, the electrical drives are designed based on the applications and the integrated systems. The electromagnetical, thermal, mechanical, structurdynamical and acoustical aspects are taken into account. The effects caused by deviations in the production process and manufacturing tolerances are also considered in the design process.

The validation and characterization of the prototypes, which are assembled in IEM as well, are carried out using the extensive test bench equipments. For measurements of powertrain units, an axle test bench with an integrated battery simulator is available.