Design and Diagnosis

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The workgroup handles the issues regarding design, analysis and optimization of electric drives for all fields of application. This includes among others machines for mobile applications on the street, in air or in water.

The requirements of an electric drive vary depending on the type of application, the utilization profile or the operational requirements. Through utilization of detailed simulation models of an entire application, the load profiles of the machines are derived individually under consideration of these criteria and the operating strategies.

Further research topics of the workgroup are analysis and design of auxiliary drives and actuators, e.g. starter generators, electric steering supports, pump drives, generators for range-extender.

Using our in-house developed design methods, the electric drives are developed based on the applications and the integrated systems. The electromagnetic, thermal, mechanical, structural dynamic and acoustical aspects are taken into account. The effects caused by deviations in the production process and manufacturing tolerances are also considered in the design process. The group further studies the interactions between e drive oils and the electric machine.

The validation and characterization of the prototypes, which are assembled at the institute, are carried out using the extensive test bench equipment. For measurements of machines and inverters as well as entire powertrain units, several test benches and integrated battery simulators are available.

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