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Lectures within the framework of the electric machines colloquium

Regularly, lectures are being held relating to various aspects of electric drives. These lectures are held by Ph. D. students, students about to take their diploma, postgraduates in charge of Bachelor and master students, as well as spokespersons from the industry who present current applications, trends and developments. Lecturers from RWTH Aachen University and other universities complete the framework speaking about interesting topics of fundamental research relating to electric magnetic energy conversion.
The lectures are for public and all interested are welcome to join.

In the following you can find current as well as previous events. In case you want to comment of ask something concerning a lecture, feel free to contact IEM office.
The rooms 007 ("blue") and 005 ("red") as well as the lecture hall E2 are located in the IEM.

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08/01/201813:00 Uhr, Lecture hall E2

Mr. Andreas Ruf

Thermische Ausnutzung von elektrischen Maschinen unter Berücksichtigung der Lebensdauer am Beispiel eines Traktionsantriebs

PhD Defense Talk
08/01/201814:00 Uhr, Lecture hall E2

Mr. Georg von Pfinsten

The Induction Machine as Speed Variable Drive for Automotive Traction Applications: Advanced Loss Calculation for Improved Design

PhD Defense Talk
18/12/201711:00 Uhr, Room 007

Mr. Michael Cielanga

Untersuchung von thermischen Designparametern für einen Elektromotor für automobile Traktionsanwendungen

Bachelor results presentation
11/12/201714:00 Uhr, Room E2

Mr. Stefan Bekic

Influence of Different Air Gap Widths in Case of a Medium Frequency Transformers Operating in a Dc/Dc Converter via FEM

Master results presentation
25/09/201711:00 Uhr, Room 007

Mr. Carsten Fronczek

Untersuchung des Einflusses von Fertigungsabweichungen auf das Verhalten einer permanentmagneterregten Synchronmaschine

Bachelor results presentation
12/09/201710:00 Uhr, Room 007

Mr. Kevin Jansen

Modellierung von Fertigungsabweichungen für die Berechnung permanentmagneterregter elektrischer Maschinen

Bachelor results presentation
24/08/201710:00 Uhr, Room 007

Mr. Ji Zhang

Methoden zur Minimierung der Wicklungsharmonischen von permanentmagneterregten Synchronmaschinen mit Bruchlochwicklung

Master results presentation
11/07/201709:00 Uhr, Room 007

Mr. Alireza Faraji

Modeling the effect of grain size and crystallographic texture on the magnetic properties of rotating electrical machines

Bachelor results presentation
11/07/201711:00 Uhr, Lecture hall E2

Prof. Geuzaine University of Liège

Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Open-source software for electrical machine modelling

Presentation from university experts
07/07/201710:30 Uhr, Lecture hall E2

Prof. Marcos Flavio de Campos


Magnetic Materials for Electric Cars: Permanent Magnets and Electrical Steels


Presentation from university experts
27/06/201709:00 Uhr, Lecture hall E2

Mr. Simon Steentjes

Efficiently Modeling Soft Magnetic Materials for Transformers, Actuators and Rotating Electrical Machines 

PhD Defense Talk
26/06/201713:30 Uhr, Raum 007

Ms. Ayse Cankaya

Combination of analytical and numerical Models for improved Design of Indukction Machines  will be held in german

Master results presentation
26/06/201714:30 Uhr, Room 007

Mr. Seongwoo Kim

Study of the behavior of iron losses from non-grain-oriented electrical steel considering mechanical stresses and cutting edges

Bachelor results presentation
14/06/201714:00 Uhr, Room 007

Mr. Christoph Mülder

Iron loss calculation in electrical machines considering the impact of cut edges

Master results presentation
12/06/201709:00 Uhr, Lecture hall E2

Mr. Qian Liu

High performance control of a PMSM drive system in application of a novel wind turbine with power split

PhD Defense Talk
31/05/201709:00 Uhr, Lecture hall E2

Ms. Lu An

Modellbasierte geberlose Positions- und Drehzahlschätzung für permanentmagneterregte Synchronmaschine

PhD Defense Talk
29/05/201714:00 Uhr, Raum 007

Mr. Benedikt Schauerte

Mapping Micro- and Macroscale Properties of Electrical Steel Sheets using Magnetodynamic Models with Vector Hysteresis

Master results presentation
03/05/201709:00 Uhr, Raum 007

Mr. Yunpeng Cui

Untersuchung der Materialbearbeitung in nicht kornorientiertem Elektroband hinsichtlich der Überlagerung von Schneidspannung  will be held in german

Master results presentation
02/05/201713:00 Uhr, Raum 007

Mr. Armin Lensker

Loss Optimized Operation of Induction Machine with Voltage Source
Inverter will be held in german

Master results presentation
19/04/201715:00 Uhr, Raum 007

Mr. Martin Nell

Testing Procedure for the Characterization of an Induction Machine in terms of Efficiency and Performance on a Machine Test-Bench will be held in german

Master results presentation
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